Cougar Women Looking For Dates

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What You'll Need To Know About Cougar Women

Although Cougars with definitely treat you right, don't get them confused with sugar mama's, Cougars aren't necessarily interested in taking care of you and buying you gifts. Dating a cougar is more of a balanced relationship, where you're giving and getting in equal portions. Young guys are giving their attention and cougars are giving their body. When you're meeting a cougar online don't be cocky or try to use cheesy pick-up lines, remember - they're a bit older than you or the girls you normally talk to, so they've heard it all before. It's always best just to be yourself, or if you're just a cocky, cheesy kind of guy then maybe try to be casual and down to earth.

Where To Go When Dating Older Women

We understand that cougar dating is set up to be a very physically oriented relationship but there is still the matter of meeting and dating at the beginning which you need to take care of because you jump to the better part of the relationship. Normally - another good thing about dating cougars - she won't mind making a suggestion on where to go or what to do. In fact she might even like displaying her experience and knowledge to you, but just in case it's good to have an idea of how to go about dating a cougar. Many guys get intimidating when taking out a cougar, because they think they aren't as experienced or their taste isn't as sophisticated as the woman's but you really shouldn't worry about these types of things. She likes you because of your age and inexperience - she won't expect you to be rich or to know every nice restaurant in town. Don't be afraid to choose somewhere modest which has a decent atmosphere where you can have a chat.

Meet Cougars In Your Area

With tons of members and new ones joining every day there is no reason to finish your cougar dating experience after you meet one person. It's no secret - cougar women aren't looking for long term relationships, they want someone young and fun, you probably aren't going to be the only person they're seeing. So take the opportunity you have on our site to meet lots of cougars and keep your nights busy and wild.