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Cougars are always on the lookout for a new toy boy and is the place where toy boys and cougars can meet easily for dating. Toy Boys are young men who enjoy being in open relationships with older women and this is the place for them to find the cougars they're after. If you're intention is to be the toy boy of a hot cougar, then you've chosen to get into easy relationships and have easy shags - good choice. If you've never been in a relationship with a cougar than you're in for a surprise as you'll soon be seeing how unnecessarily complicated your love life has been up until this point.

Many of the men we've met who date cougars, and are self-professed 'toy boys', started dating cougars, not necessarily because they liked older women, but because they liked the simplicity which came with it - they didn't have to call and check in at a certain time, remember anniversary dates, or even pay for dinner. Basically being a toy boy is living on easy street as far as relationships go.

Why Cougars Love Toy Boy Dating

Cougars love toy boy dating because they can use their experience in the bedroom to their advantage, most women who date men their own age aren't really given the chance to dominate control in the bedroom. Most cougars like to dominate their man as well as show him a thing or two, but many young guys love this type of dating just for that reason. Just as well Toy Boys are happy to let cougars do whatever they want because they know that they'll still be pleased in the end. As well as this, cougars love a wild time, often men their own age have started to mellow down and don't go out as much. What cougars want is for you to have a good time with them, they're with you because they know that you can keep up and don't mind the club/party scene, so don't try to act more mature, just go out and have a good time with her.

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Daniel, 26 - 'Dating a cougar makes everything so simple, there's never a fuss and she's always wants to be in control... which I'm more than fine with.'

Dave, 27 - 'Never going back to girls my own age again, what a headache. Met Loads of Grannies on this site! Love it.'

Ben, 23 - 'How did I not find out about this site sooner? There definitely weren't enough down to earth mature women in my life before I started with Cougarshag.'